Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park View

The rain started to come down and the temperature began to drop on this early September Friday. Although the conditions were anything but awesome, people still came and gathered at Hamilton Park in Weehawken. Maybe they were waiting for table reservations at a nearby restaurant or decided to meet a friend. But, the majority of the people gathered at 10 p.m. in the cold rain to remember.  On the eighth anniversary of September 11 people gathered to view the New York City skyline and to reflect.  While some where talking or drinking coffee with friends others came with cameras to capture the foggy skyline. One man was there with his two sons who didn’t look over the age of eight.  Both were wearing fire fighter t-shirts and watched on as their dad took a picture from the balcony in the park. 

Hamilton Park is an awesome place to go if you’re a photographer or just want to take a walk and see a beautiful view of the city skyline.

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