Corzine Passes Law to Protect Underage Drinkers from Being Arrested When They Need Help

This law ensures that if an underage person needs medical attention because of drinking too much they will receive the medical attention they need. Corzine has granted immunity to prosecution to those who call for help and the person who receives it. 

I think that this is a very smart thing to do. I know of several instances and heard numerous horror stories of people who have not received the medical attention that they needed because their friends were too scared to call the police. The fear of being arrested, of parents finding out, of getting in trouble with the school or community often times overwhelms the logic to do what is right.

I think that the next step is to extend this same concept to Colleges. In my experience I have seen the harsh penalties for getting caught drinking on campus. At some NJ colleges it is possible to lose your housing if you get caught drinking inside the dorms. When it really comes down to it, I think students should not have to choose between possibly saving a friend’s life or saving their housing. 

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Gov. Corzine signs law granting immunity to underage drinkers seeking medical help for others

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  1. Dan Theman

    Oct 02. 2009

    Other side of this coin is that kids will be shooting to get blackout drunk.. i mean you get a free pass if you get that far, now!

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