Hell in Newark Last Sunday

Hell in a Cell Newark 10/4

It was Hell in Newark this past Sunday, when World Wrestling Entertainment put on its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view show at the Prudential Center. The event featured three matches inside the 20-foot high steel cage that shares its name with the show.

Fans lined up outside the Prudential Center a few hours before the show, creating a sea of colorful signs, masks and shirts between Market and Mulberry Streets. Unfortunately, it seemed that arena staff was unprepared for the nearly sold-out crowd’s arrival. Doors opened at 6:30 p.m., but those who came in through the PNC Bank Tower entrance found themselves in the middle of a huge delay.

A sea of people tried to make their way into the arena and to their seats before the scheduled 7:45 bell time. However, arena staff stopped each person to do pocket checks and scan them with a handheld metal detector. Shortly after bell time passed, an arena staff member came outside and told the mass of people that stretched across the street to empty their pockets before they got to the security check point, to make things move faster.

Fans stuck in the mess outside missed Matt Hardy defeat Mike Knox in a match exclusively for the crowd in Newark.

The Prudential Center quickly filled up as the ring announcer informed the crowd that the broadcast would be going live in two minutes.

120 seconds later, a music video outlining the feuds that would be settled in the main events played, followed by a spectacular display of fireworks.

WWE wasted no time getting to the action, as the massive Hell in a Cell cage lowered from the ceiling for the first match, between World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and the Undertaker.

When the funeral bell tolled, signaling the Undertaker’s entrance, the crowd came unglued. As the Prudential Center darkened and smoke filled the arena, the light from cell phones and digital cameras brightened the arena as thousands tried to capture the unique entrance of one of the most popular WWE superstars.

Fans chanted and cheered as the match went on, coming to a peak as the Undertaker hit his trademark tombstone piledriver to claim victory, and the championship.

The first match set the tone for an exciting night in Newark, where fans saw six title matches and two new champions crowned.

The last match of the evening saw former world champions Shawn Michaels and Triple H, collectively known as DX take on rising stars Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase inside the cage. Fans were treated to a wild brawl inside and out of the cage. The combatants used everything from steel chairs to sledgehammers on each other. In the end, the veteran DX team came out on top, sending the fans home happy and eager for the WWE’s return to New Jersey.–Bobby Melok

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