The Urban Muse


Voted the best spa in NJ this year by NJ Life Magazine and and the best spa in Morris county last year, this holistic spa, gallery, and gift shop is definitly awesome.


In the spa, The Urban Muse uses all natural products on their clients. Treatments include massages, facials, mud treatments, hot stone, waxing, and even energy work. Clients include a variety of people that are eager to relax their bodies and minds. The Urban Muse offers more than just pampering, they take care of your body, their massages help with blood flow, muscle relief, stress, depression, etc.


The Urban Muse also offers a free cancer clinic. This clinic meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month. The  employees volunteer to create a comfortable place for those going through treatments to come to and leave their fears and worries at the door. They offer 20 minute free massages, facials, energy work, and reflexology to the those who come.


The owners of The Urban Muse are two sisters, Kristin and Tracy Pamperin, both have worked hard to create a positive environment for both visitors and employees. All of the copper siding throughout the spa as well as the fountains are handmade by the Kristin and Tracy. There is also a corner of the gift shop for the spa’s creative employees to sell their art work and music. That being said, the gift shop is full of  handmade jewelry, recycled gifts, organic make up, organic skin products, candles, greeting cards, books and CDs.

 Urban Muse Spa

This is definitely a place to go check out, bring a friend and enjoy the relaxing music, drink tea, sit by one of the handmade fountains, look at the various artwork, shop, and even get a massage. This is the place to be for any stressed out ANJ person.


Written by Missy Graff 


The Urban Muse
82 Broadway
Denville, NJ 07834
(973) 627-3455

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  3. Hey Robin, like you say, we bought a couple of items for no better reason than we were there anyway, but the family were pretty disappointed with the experience. We would certainly think twice about investing the time, let alone the money, in a repeat visit!

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