Why New Jersey is More Awesome Than You at Football

Let’s be honest if you think football you don’t think New Jersey. We aren’t like the midwest where college football is more important than an anniversary (although it’s true).  We’re also not like Texas where the media covers high school football as if it were the Super Bowl. If you told a stranger New Jersey was a dominant place for football they would laugh in your face. Well my friends the next time someone laughs at you for a Jersey football comment…. laugh right back. In fact send them on the Parkway during rush hour while you’re at it. That’ll show them whose boss.

So why is Jersey such a great place for football? First off while multiple states have more than one NFL team New Jersey is the only state to have two NFL franchises sharing the same stadium. Yep, NJ is one of a kind.Do you know what makes this even neater? Both these franchises are New York’s! That means for all the insults New Yorkers make about Jersey, 16 weeks every year those same Yorkers eat their words and spend the day in good ole NJ.  Sure Jersey doesn’t get the credit but hey they get the dollar. Which would you rather have? The NFL isn’t the only thing that gives Jersey football awesome points.  Rutgers University, one of the biggest schools in NJ, is known as “the birthplace of college football.” The first intercollegiate football game ever pArtists depiction of the first Game between Rutgers and Princetonlayed was between Rutgers and Princeton. Princeton might I add is another New Jersey school.  That’s right college football’s original home is right here in New Jersey, and it was held between two Jersey teams! 
So we’ve got awesomeness on the professional and collegiate levels of football, but what about high school? Well while it’s not as popular as its big brothers New Jersey is surely trying to make it that way. News 12 NJ has been doing a high school football game of the week for years and other networks are following in its footsteps. Verizon Fios currently has a game of the week of their own. Fios will also be airing the state championship game which will be played in Giants Stadium of all places (we spoil our kids don’t we?) MSG’s recent spinoff station, MSG Varsity, recently paid nearly half a million dollars for the rights to multiple high school championship games including football. That means New Jersey high school football has some dollar value to it.  What is more awesome than money? I love football. Anything  that has football attached to it gets my love. Could this be why I have so much love for New Jersey? Possibly. After all New Yorkers wouldn’t have a professional franchise if not for NJ. The same NJ that gave birth to a beautiful boy named “college football.” And if that weren’t enough NJ is also in the process of turning its high school students into professional TV athletes. Now that my friends… is awesome.

By Ken Glinski

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  1. woodbridge

    Nov 19. 2009

    rutgers is THE biggest school in NJ, not “one of the biggest” you get an A for effort though

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    • Nevaeh

      Jan 02. 2017

      Hallo, ich wusste nicht, wie ich diese Frage sonst formulieren sollte.Es geht darum, dass ich vor allen Dingen in den Ferien bzw. während des Studiums ein wenig zugleich verdienen möchte, hinsichtlich der Fingznieruna.Und zwar habe ich schon genauere Vorstellungen davon. Da ich im Fac…

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    • Atila Sarp diyor ki: 02 Mayıs 2011, 02:09Bunlar seçim yitiren adayların doÄŸal tepkileri. Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi’nin ne yapıp ne yapmaması gerektiÄŸini görmek için gelecekçi olmaya gerek yok. Bellidir ki “parti üyesi” olmanın ne olup ne olmadığını bilen bir sürece doÄŸru gidiyoruz. Önseçimler örgütle bütünleÅŸen adayları parlamentoya taşıyacak ve bu nedenle de Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi TBMM’de çok önemli görevler görecek. Bunmdan kimsenin kuÅŸkusu olmamalı.

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    • Love the pictures !!! Yes we love the pictures but also love to hear about everything you have to post.very exciting !!!!! I can start to see the happiness in Drews face !!! Love to all !!!kisses to the kids !!

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