Jackson Browne Doesn’t Stay: Jackson Browne Performs in Morristown But Doesn’t Play Favorites

Emily Golloub

Emily Golloub

Jackson Browne performed a solo acoustic performance at the Community Theatre at Mayo Center for the Performing Arts in Morristown, NJ this past Tuesday night. The theatre was packed from the last row in the balcony to the front row orchestra. The use-to-be movie theater buzzed with excitement.

As the lights dimmed the stage became visible with sixteen guitars, a chair, a microphone and a small keyboard.  Browne created an intimate atmosphere right away by asking the audience if they were warm enough.  After a few songs the audience felt comfortable enough to yell out requests. Rather than getting upset, Browne played them. He said that he liked the challenge of trying to remember songs that he has not played in a while. Browne continued to play songs, make subtle jokes and switch between the fifteen guitars that were all available at his fingertips.

After the intermission Browne played “Rock Me On The Water” which he dedicated to all those who are helping save the environment. Browne is an advocate for helping the environment, and was not ashamed to plug his re-usable water bottle that was being sold at concession stands right outside the theater doors.

Mixed with classics, such as “The Pretender,” Browne played some of his newest songs from the 2008 released album Time the Conqueror. Many of the new songs were slightly more upbeat than the rest, which is rare for Browne. Even Browne said that he has few “happy” songs.

Although Browne did not play favorites such as “Doctor My Eyes” and “Stay,” his performance was magical, soothing and exceptional. There were murmurs of dissatisfaction, when walking out, of people disappointed with the performance due to the lack of the rest of the band. True fans were very pleased by the very raw performance.

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  1. New York

    Nov 05. 2009

    16! There were 16 guitars… 15 on the rack in the back and one in the stand next to the chair by the mike. Magical night indeed. No one sings poetry like him. Those who lamented the fact that there was no band should have looked up the words “solo acoustic.”

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    • Emily

      Nov 07. 2009

      Agreed! I will fix the mistake! I guess I was sucked in to the performance a little too much I forgot how to count!

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