Sad Zombie

sad zombieStationed at Rutgers University is the indie outfit Sad Zombie, but they really should be on the station at Rutgers University. With their album Microscopes they are the college radio dream: adorable, Buddy Holly/Rivers Cuomo looking young men that sing about their feelings in a smart, catchy tune. College Radio Perfection. When they aren’t using analogous lyrics and references to their musical idols, they are all about highlighting the instruments they use. From mentions of The Unbearable Lightness of Being to Morrissey their songs tell stories of love and life in a quirky, fun way. They have an amazingly unique sound that can be found on iTunes (search for Sad Zombie). They don’t disappoint, like a good bottle of Cabernet. Check them out on

Listen to:
I’m Sick of Not Having the Courage to be an Absolute Nobody
One Last Time, Tonight
The Theory of Balance

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