NJ Hardcore for Life tattoo!

NJ HardcoreMy name is Brian from Hazlet NJ in the 732. I’ve had the same cell number since eighth grade 732-887, back when they were giving out those numbers still. I may not live in New Jersey now but that is because I chose to go to college finally. My picture is of my hands when I turned 18 I figured I could do whatever I wanted with the tattoos I got and had seen alot of jersey outlines but none of them really floated my boat, I got paid went to the parlor and got NJ on the tops of my hands and HARDCORE on my fingers to represent always where I come from and what motivated me my entire life NEW JERSEY HARDCORE FOR LIFE ALL OTHERS LOOK WEAK BY COMPARISON!

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  1. Hazlet

    Nov 14. 2009


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  2. Hazlet

    Nov 13. 2009

    I hope i win! please vote for me

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