My Eyes Fall Victim

My Eyes Fall Victim

Small town Jersey is home to many great bands. This is very evident in Newton that is home to the six piece, screamo/hardcore outfit My Eyes Fall Victim. At a time where the music scene in New Jersey has been falling apart it seems that the boys of MEFV have helped to build it back up into a powerhouse for Northern New Jersey. They are a driving force in the music scene and big things should be expected of them. Their debut EP, available on iTunes, Amazon, and, is the perfect display of their talents as musicians. The music they write is not only catchy, but it also has hard hitting beats and some sick breakdowns. They know what they need to do to create a sound that is unique and intense in all the right ways, especially with their lyrics. Before they embark on their nine day tour across nine states, Mike King (vocals) took some time out for an interview.

  • What is your favorite place to play in New Jersey? Why? MK: I’d say any of the venues that are closest to home for us, like The Stillwater Inn, First Presbyterian Church of Newton, or Ricky’s Barn in Vernon. They don’t all have huge stages with amazing lights and sound, but the crowds are always so great, it’s hard not to enjoy those shows the most.
  • Tell me about your upcoming tour. Where are you playing and with whom? What do you hope to gain from touring?  MK: Well, we’re doing a short tour from January 2nd to January 10th. We’ll be hitting up venues in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. We’re touring with our great friends in Fall to the Queen. We really hope to just get our music out there as much as possible. The internet is great and all, but you can’t beat the exposure you get from putting on a good show for new listeners.
  • What are some of your biggest influences(musical or not) and how do they effect the music you make?   MK: Realistically speaking, we’re influenced by everything we hear, but that list is too extensive. I think we’ve been most influenced by the band Underoath, though. Definitely by their music, but more so by their work ethic, the way they’ve handled their fame, and the way they strive to create something new every time they head into the studio. Those are all things that we really admire.
  • What bands do you enjoy playing with? Describe your favorite show that you played. MK: Any band with a unique sound is always fun to play with. Playing all these shows, we have to listen to a lot of bands, so it’s always really refreshing to hear something new and exciting, and I think a lot of the bands from our area have a great sound. Obviously, we really enjoy playing with Fall to the Queen, and that’s why we wanted to tour together. I think our sounds complement each other very well. I think we can all agree that our favorite show was one that we played in Newton last month at the First Presbyterian Church. The turn-out was the greatest we’ve ever had there, and the crowd was so into the music with every band that played. It was just amazing to see the community really supporting local music, and I think it made us all glad to be part of this scene.
  • Where do you hope to take your music career? MK: As far as we can take it. We’ve all agreed that music is the most important thing to all of us, and nothing is better than making music with these guys, so we just want to share that with as many people as possible.
  • How have things changed for you since forming as a band? MK: Being in a band changes a lot of things, but I think the most important thing is the bond it creates between all of us. It’s really made us the best of friends, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.
  • It was just announced that you are going to be in The Break Contest. What do you hope that will do for your music career even if you don’t win? MK: We like to treat every show as an opportunity to introduce our music to new ears, no matter how small or big the venue is. The Break Contest pretty much guarantees us a great audience, so regardless of the outcome, we’ll be accomplishing our goal: reaching as many people as we can.

It is apparent that the guys of My Eyes Fall Victim are driven to be successful and with the sounds they have and the work they do they probably will be. If not New Jersey still has a gem in the music scene and that is pretty awesome.

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