In the midst of recording their first full-length album, the Piscataway based rock/hardcore band Sirena took some precious time out to answer a few questions for The band is working on making its mark not only in New Jersey, but across the country with their album and tours that have happened and will happen in the future. With a music industry where everything sounds the same it is refreshing to hear a band that has a unique style and sound.

What is your favorite place to play in New Jersey?

-Well, we have had some amazing shows in New Jersey, the most memorable has to be Taste of Chaos 2008 at the Asbury Park Convention Center. We got to play in front of almost 3,000 people and play with some of our idols such as Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu.

But our favorite venue has to be our hometown venue of New Market Firehouse or The Aquifer. Piscataway is always great to play, its awesome to see the local scene grow and to be able to give other local bands chances to play. We have been able to get more big, national bands in on these shows as well and have seen attendance for our hometown shows reach 400. The Aquifer is a wonderful venue in Clinton, NJ. They have the most positive welcoming attitude there is. The second we got there it felt like home. They take great care of the bands and have the best volunteers that make these shows what they are, so thank you to them big time!

Where do you hope to take your music career?
– Like every other band it would be great to make a living off of music, but everyone knows the odds of that. If we can continue what we are doing, that is, making music with our best friends, touring and seeing the country; it would be really great if we could make a difference in someones life through our music. We are not a band with a specific message. We do not preach anything to people, we think that all people should be together as one just because people should treat each other properly not because of a group they are apart of.

How have things changed for you since forming as a band?
– I’d have to say things got a lot more serious. When we formed the core of this band (Mike Cammarota, Pete Cipparulo, and Rich Holland) it was just for fun because there was nothing better to do and we enjoyed messing around with instruments. Over time it began to pick up steam with starting to plays shows. At that point we were hooked. The rush from playing a show is the best feeling I could ever imagine. Someone people describe certain events as making them feel “alive” and shows are definitely that for us. The music scene has changed greatly since we started. There used to be endless venues and countless shows going on in the state at all times. Since then many of them have shut down do to rising rents, fights, and insurance issues that initially seemed like the worst possible thing that could happen but it has actually been beneficial to us. We began to have to play out of state more and to continue building our band and ourselves. Also, it brought back the movement of shows for bands by bands. By that I mean firehouse shows, vfw’s, and legion halls. That put the power back into the hands on the bands, where it belongs.

How does it feel to be recording your first full length album?
– Well we have recorded one full length album before but it didn’t accurately represent us as a band and what we wanted to be. But for this album it is much more exciting. We have written a record we can all truly be proud of this time, we have been able to become fans of our music. I think that is really important. Fans can tell when a band really believe in their music and having that passion is going to open up some new doors for us.

How have things changed since getting signed to a label? How did that happen?
– Well, the whole feel of getting signed hasn’t taken place yet but it is going to change things big time in the near future. The reason I say it hasn’t changed much is because since we have signed all we have done is write this new record. We have not yet toured under the label yet, but it did help us ink a deal with a great booking agency (The Full Collapse Agency). Our agent is a great guy and we trust him a lot. We feel he has the same mindset as we do as pushing this band as far as we can.

The last time we came to this studio was in May 08 to do a demo/ep. Soon after we received our mastered copies back, Neil Sheehan (Owner of Standby Records/West 80th Records) contacted us about a record deal with great terms. We decided they had the right idea for us and the means to help us reach our goals through their distribution through Victory Records.

What would be your ideal concert to play?
– I feel like Taste of Chaos 2008 and 2009 were both the ideal shows for us to play, but we would love to be apart of the Warped Tour and play with bands that we are true friends with on and off stage.

What is in store for the band in the new year?
-We had an amazing 2009 and 2010 looks to be much better. The record should be released in sometime late Feburary/early March and then we will be touring as much as possible. Hopefully people will begin to see our name more and talk to us. We are always out to make real connections with people and not to just be a “band” we are people first and that is what really matters.

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