Tweet Us What’s Awesome!

Even Uncle Sam tweets. Swear to God.

Though Awesome NJ does a particularly Awesome job of making sure that we feed all of our Awesome fans with Awesome information about NJ; WE NEED YOUR HELP!

This is why we are asking you, faithful reader, to tell us what you think is Awesome in NJ to our Twitter account @AwesomeNJ. Anything you guys send our way, we will reTweet, as a token of our appreciation for you being so Awesome.

Let this be whatever you want it to be. We’re not setting boundaries on this.

Caught all green lights as you drove home from work today? That’s Awesome in NJ. Stood in line at the Post Office for 2 hours? NOT Awesome in NJ.

Let us know about new NJ bands you might have heard, or maybe even a cool diner or bar you hit up.

Give us anything you got! We’d love to hear from you.

Get tweeting!

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