Life Behind Beards

Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Ernest Hemingway. All great men and all embraced the glory that is facial hair. Life Behind Beards investigates the growing subculture of beard and mustache clubs. Join us as we follow three bearded brethren preparing for the 2009 New York City Beard and Mustache Championships. Remember kids, you don’t grow the beard – the beard grows you.

Life Behind Beards was created by Rowan University students and lifelong New Jersey residents; Steve Hanulec – Producer, David Monk – Editor, Dan Ferrara – Director, and Ashley Zazzarino – Camera.  LBB was not only created by NJ residents, but features bearded New Jerseyans Brian Mantooth, Rob Carducci and Rob Carducci’s independently minded beard Sir Roger Walters.
LBB won Special Broadcast Winner in the 2009 College Broadcasters INC. National Student Production Awards and Honorary Award Winner in the 2009 Downbeach Film Festival in Atlantic City.

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  1. Howell

    Jan 16. 2010

    I dont get it, beards are ugly

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