Drink With The Jersey Devil

Everyone from NJ knows the story of the Jersey Devil. It’s a local legend, and basically a requirement to know if you’ve lived in this state for any period of time. Legend has it that he still roams the area around Leeds Point, popping up every once and awhile to scare the tourists. But not the locals…they’re used to it by now.

If you happen to be brave enough to try to seek him out yourself, you may have more luck in the next town over, at JD’s Pub.

JD’s, located in historical Smithville, is a true treasure. Hidden away in Smithville Town Center, it’s definitely a place that you just happen to “stumble upon.” The pub takes its name from the legend himself, and truly lives up to that fact. Before you even step inside, you’re greeted at the door by a large caricature of the Jersey Devil, holding a mug full of beer and inviting you in for a good time.

The atmosphere inside is different, depending on when you show up. Some nights, it may be fairly low key, with people from the local senior communities popping in for a bite to eat. Other nights are a little more hectic, with live music and college students from Richard Stockton coming in for a night of fun. No matter which of these you encounter, though, you’re always in for a good time.

The pub is also decorated with tons of interesting things to look at. Wooden sailboats, mounted fish, and ads from the all over the state adorn the walls. And of course, what would a place called JD’s be without some Jersey Devil memorabilia? It’s almost like a museum of the Jersey Devil in there, with things ranging from old newspaper articles on the creature to vintage paintings of various sightings. There is also a pool table, jukebox, and several HD TVs for those sports nights.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, it also features some of the best food in South Jersey. The chef, Rich Spurlock, has some impressive credentials including the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City and

Trump Marina in Atlantic City. He cooks things with a Cajun flare that adds just the right amount of deliciousness to any meal.

If you’re ever in the area, check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

And who knows, you may even run into the namesake of the pub himself!

Check them out online at: JD’s Pub in Smithville

By ANJ Writer Jeff Heimbuch

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  1. Mozz

    Nov 15. 2014

    does anyone know what the title of the old film strip was? I’ve been hunting it and hitting dead ends with google.

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