I’m Not Bitter

I’m not bitter. Like many of us here in New Jersey, I am a die-hard Jets fan. I made the 667 mile trip out to Indianapolis this past weekend to support Gang Green. Despite drawing first blood, including an 80 yard touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez, the Jets fell to Peyton Manning and the Colts. But I’m not bitter. Really, I’m not. Fifteen weeks into the season, any hopes remaining of entering the playoffs were lying on the floor, wretched in the fetal position, dry heaving, while bleeding from the wrists. The pulse was so weak, even the Jet’s coach Rex Ryan said the playoffs were a no go.

The hopes however, were not dead. They were just on life support. Week sixteen rolled around, and something happened. The Miami Dolphins, Baltimore ravens, and Huston Texans all lost. The Jets were put then put in charge of their own life. Like the Right-to-Lifers rallying outside of Terry Schiavo’s hospital room, the Jets refused to pull the plug. A win against the Colts (Yeah, it was a win. The fact that Peyton Manning didn’t play in the 4th doesn’t take that away. It was still a 14-point win. Not that it matters, because I’m not bitter) and a final win against the Bengals put the Jets in the wildcard seat.

Skip forward two weeks. After making Chad Ochocinco cry, and the Charger’s kicker Nate Kaeding shank three field goals, the Jets were off to the AFC championship game in Indianapolis to face the Colts for the chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Like I mentioned earlier, I drove 11 hours to follow our boys from East Rutherford out to Indy. (On a side note, I discovered both Pennsylvania and Ohio look exactly the same in the dark as they do in the light. Because either way, there is absolutely nothing to see.)

Now, we already know what happened. Despite a valiant effort, the Jets came up short. The Colts won 30 to 17. Now I can handle a loss, because I’m not bitter. I can even handle seeing a certain fan hold a sign that read, “New Jersey Loves The Colts.” I can handle that, because I’m not bitter. I won’t tell those Jersey Colt fans that there is a special place in Hell reserved for traitors. I won’t say that, because I’m not bitter. So what if the Jets’ defense is statistically still the best in the NFL, and even if the Colts shut out the Saints, the Colt defense would still be statistically lower than the Jets. So what if the Colts capitalized on a 15 yard facemask penalty. The penalty was complete garbage, but I won’t dwell on that, because I’m not bitter. Yeah, both Shonn Green and Thomas Jones are better than Joseph Addai will ever be. But I’m not going to yell that at the Colts fans, because I’m not bitter.

The point I am trying to get across is that I can be a gracious loser. The Jets made it further than anyone ever expected. They proved they are a legitimate threat to any team in the league, and a rookie quarterback gained valuable playoff experience. Overall, I am extremely happy with the Jet’s season, and next season could be even better. I wish the Colts luck in the Super Bowl. And if while playing the Saints, Jonathan Vilma just happens to break through the Colts offensive line and bury Peyton Manning, I’ll only smile a little bit, because I’m not bitter.

By Dan Ferrara

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