Exclusive Interview With the TV!

Vocalist Steve Conley took a little time to talk about what TV is really all about.

-What would you say is The Victory’s biggest accomplishment as a band? Why?
Definitely playing Bamboozle, that was huge. For starters, it was our biggest show to date. Second off, it was the most exposure we’ve ever had. At a venue that size, it’s difficult not to feel accomplished performing. The crowd feedback was great, and it really motivated us to keep up the hard work.

-If TV could tour with any artist, who would it be?
Lil’ Wayne.

-Very funny. Seriously, though. If you could trade places with any band, who would it be and why?
I’d have to say Taking Back Sunday. From the success of the albums they’ve released to the span of time they’ve been around, they’re a band that all the guys can really get into, and their resiliency in the industry is pretty inspiring. I feel like it’s difficult to keep a name for yourself in music, especially with so many new bands showing up every day, but TBS to me seems like they’re well on their way to being timeless.

-Some of these lyrics are pretty heavy. Where are some places the motivation for the lyrics are found?
The writing comes from things that are happening right then; in the present. They’re all true stories, real people, actual events. Granted, most of the best art is sparked by sadness, but whatever I’m going through at the time is always easiest to write about. There’s a lot of double meaning in TV’s lines, though, so look out for that.

-Are all of the band members originals of The Victory?
No, we’ve been through a different drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. I feel like the line-up we have now is a solid one, though. We’re potentially looking to add another guitarist to the line-up, but it’s still in the air.

-What would you say is one of the most difficult aspects of being in a band?
Well (to us especially), this band is another family. We’re brothers; we support each other in every way we can, but we argue like bros also. All of us have individual personalities, but differences aside, we work together to make sounds people want to listen to, and that keeps us moving forward.

-So, what can listeners look forward to from The Victory?
There’s tour potential for the summer, updates will definitely be posted on our Myspace page. We’re also going to be playing this year’s Break Contest, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for that! Also, we’re  going to be recording with John Neclerio, who’s also worked with bands such as Brand New, Armor For Sleep, and My Chemical Romance, and Ryan Kienle of Matchbook Romance, which we’re totally stoked about.

With Bamboozle’s The Break Contest and recording new songs right around the corner, The Victory is clearly a band on the rise. They definitely have a sound that’s easy to get hooked on, and can only be expected to continue doing big things.

By Ashley Parsons

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