Show Don’t Tell

Show Don’t Tell is living up to their name by making it to the semi-finals of
‘The Break’ contest, which gives unsigned bands a chance to play at Bamboozle
festival. Last Sunday, Show Don’t Tell hit the stage around 7 pm, and rocked out
the entire set, even though their vocalist Brian Rembecky had lost his voice the
day prior to the show. Although classifying themselves as Pop
Punk/Alternative/Rock band, they would prefer you hear their music for yourself
before making any kind of judgment. Each member has a difference in their
musical preference, making their band even more unique and original.
Show Don’t Tell is another standout band coming from Bergen County.
Bringing you some fresh music are Dylan Wolf on Guitar, Dave Schwinn on
Guitar, Paul Nahra on Drums, John Corbo on Bass, and Brian Rembecky on
Vocals. These young guys will have you jumping in the air, screaming for more
after each song. Show Don’t Tell music is full of liveliness and spunk having one
song titled ‘Kayne West is a Gay Fish’. Not that  they have a personal vendetta
with Kayne…or Gay Fish, but the title was a joke that basically stuck around, and
served a purpose of naming their song with no other alternative names at hand.
Oh, and the fact that Show Don’t Tell  is totally team Taylor Swift.
Some NJ Venues the band has previously played are Dingbatz, and School
Of Rock. They have also played at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, which they wil
lbe gracing the stage once again for the semi-finales of ‘The Break’ Contest
2010. If you don’t want to wait till then to check out this AWESOME NJ band,
then you can catch Show Don’t Tell at the Paramus VFW on February 28th. For
more details, check out the bands Myspace page, .

Go out and support the local music scene!!

By Sharon Meyer

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