Silverball Pinball Museum

In today’s high tech world of video games, one can easily immerse
themselves in an entire fantasy world for hours and forget about their
real lives. It’s extremely common these days for that to happen…but
one wonders how those techie geeks passed their time way back when…

And the answer to that question is simple: pinball. Yes, those simple
little games that can eat up hours of your time are just as addictive
as any video game today. And there’s only one place in NJ where you
can fully experience pinball in all its glory.

Located directly on the boardwalk in Asbury Park is the Silverball Museum, an interactive museum that lets you play with its exhibits. Featuring over 75 different machines, this is truly a place that isn’t too be missed.

Silverball showcases pinball machines from as early as 1933 all the way to some current incarnations of the classic game. Every machine is painstakingly restored to its former glory so everyone can give it a try.

The place is laid out by different eras, allowing you to literally
follow pinball history from start to finish if you’d like. Try out
some of the earliest versions of the game, made entirely out of wood,
or test your skills on some of the nearly impossible takes of the game from the 1950s.

Almost every machine features a card above it, allowing you to learn
about the history of that particular machine: where it came from, how
many were produced, & and what the significance of that particular
machine are. Some of the machines are even part of a rotating stock,
so every time you go in, there may be something new for you to check

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the type of museum that lets you
play with its exhibits. Each machine is set on “free play,” allowing
you to play every single one as much as you’d like. It’s a truly great experience, and definitely a lot of fun. The hour I was in there flew by, and I will definitely be visiting again to check out some of their
other machines.

Silverball Museum charges $10 for a 1 hour pass, $20 for an all day
pass, and $50 for a weekend pass. If you happen to be up on the Asbury
Park boardwalk, it’s definitely worth a look, and it’s truly worth
every penny.

Find out more about the Silverball Museum at

By Jeff Heimbuch

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