Lately, it seems as though the local music scene has been filled primarily with talented boys and men. Meet Strophe, an acoustic pair from Ridgewood, NJ who perfectly portray the “anything you can do, I can do better” ideology. Strophe consists of Heidi, 17, and Rebecca, 16, two inseparable friends who are as attached to music as they are to each other. The band was born in October of 2007, originally intended to be a hobby with open-mic night potential. The girls soon realized, however, that they were onto something and began writing songs and playing shows. At first blush, they may seem like average high school girls with guitars, but Strophe is the farthest thing from ordinary and are sure to leave audiences in awe. This duo is a triple threat: lyrics that show their creativity to be a bit beyond their years, with lines like “They say that I’m weak, but I’m just incomplete; waiting for anything. Make me feel like I got somethin’ to hold onto”, hypnotic rhythms on guitar, and harmonies that stop passersby in their tracks. Their eclectic blend of musical influences, which includes anyone from R.E.M. and Alanis Morissette to Britney Spears and Cher, can be sensed during their live performances, (and they often add a little inadvertent stand-up comedy in between songs). With the release of their first album, Crossing Social Boundaries, right around the corner, these girls have just begun to show the world what they’re made of. Strophe has already played all over northern New Jersey, but can only be expected to push forward because voices like theirs can only be kept a secret for so long.

By Ashley Parsons

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  1. Fort Lee

    Mar 16. 2010

    I love these girls! They are amazing! :)

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