Top 10 Rappers Who Live in NJ

Being that NJ basically invented rap with The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”, it only seems right that so many rappers would live in NJ. Here it is, in no particular order, the top ten rappers who live in NJ…

  • Jay-Z- If you have have watched Chris Rock’s  “Kill the Messanger” special you would be surprised to find out the Jay-Z has a Garden State of Mind, and lives in Alpine, NJ… p.s. Chris Rock lives in NJ too… Check out the video below.
  • P. Diddy (Sean Combs)- Owns a $7 million, 17,000-square-foot hilltop mansion with eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, racquetball and basketball courts, a home theater, a wine cellar and a six-car garage.
  • Fabolous (John David Jackson)- Although he reps NYC lives in Alpine, NJ… “It’s being able to get away from the whole hustle and bustle of the city”
  • Russell Simmons- The co-founder of Def Jam resides in Saddle River close to his little brother Rev Run…source
  • Rev Run (Joseph Simmons)- Decided to leave NYC after the death of Jam Master Jay “I had this intuition that told me to move close to my brother” … Check out his saddle river estate in the MTV show Run’s House. source
  • DJ Eddie F. (Eddie Farrell) – The DJ of Heavy-D and the Boyz lives in a modest NJ mansion and claims, “I was one of the first out here in Alpine”
  • Lil’ Kim – If you have ever heard the song “Aunt Dot,” Lil’ Kim says: “Come on Shanice, I’m takin’ you to my house in Alpine,” referring to her multi million dollar home in Alpine, NJ.
  • Wyclef Jean – Born in Haiti, he moved to Brooklyn, and then NJ. He lived in South Orange but now lives in Saddle River.
  • Ja Rule (Jeffery Atkins)- Although he reps NY in his song New York he actually lives in Saddle River, NJ.
  • Red Man- Born and raised in Newark, Red Man is still an NJ resident. If you never saw his episode of cribs you would be amazed at his extremely, um… humble house.

Out of all the rappers that live in NJ, these seem to be the most notable. If you think that I should change the list, comment on who I should take out and who should be put up.

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  1. melissa

    Sep 18. 2017

    The Fugees….Lauryn still lives in South Orange and I am sure Praz is still in Jerz. What about EPMD? They were from Newark/Belleville. As is Keith Murray, him Redman and Eric Sermon = Def Squad, which would be another Jersey group. The Outsiderz, also from the Newark Area. Rah Digga, still reppin Jerz. Queen Latifah is from Jerz but I think she lives elsewhere now. As someone else stated, Naughty By Nature still reps Jerz, as does Joe Budden, he lives over by North Bergen/Edgewater I used to see him all the time when I lived over there. PM Dawn was also from Jerz.

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  2. rockaway nj.

    Mar 22. 2014

    whoa you have a new up and coming artist from the south who has 2 albums out and just kilt it in Atlantic city last week and almost every kat you just mention done bite something off this guy will he was locked up in nj streets is really watching and gossiping bout no other than the brother named Pancake do your homework since 2003 and you’ll see the this guy on these guys mind in rhymes and on album titles (redman Pancake and sryup) get off the mans coat tail if you and helping in his cause and obeying all laws and stop being all industry frauds and he reps Jams Browns hometown of Augusta Ga, find his music on itunes and music video on youtube under Pancake Baptised …. its ove r for you fake soildiers

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  3. asiahoward

    Mar 19. 2014

    Speaking of Jersey Rappers, this kid from Camden is on the rise! I found his video on youtube the other day. Check out Sweet Da Kid —

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  4. mike leopardi

    Feb 23. 2014

    Don’t forget P.R.T ” Poor Righteous Teachers
    Reppin Trenton Nj / T-Town

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  5. snazz

    Nov 23. 2012

    joe budden will rip all of them jersey city wuddup!!

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  6. vinny

    Nov 23. 2012


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  7. Woodbridge

    Sep 24. 2011

    Memphis Bleek – Keyport
    Rza – Jackson

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    • Woodbridge

      Sep 24. 2011

      Miilkbone was from right down the road from me in Perth Amboy

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  8. Union

    Jul 11. 2011

    4get it, he from jerse city bt still he better than all them lil boys

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  9. Union

    Jul 11. 2011

    joe budden {ATLANTIC CITY} is better than all of them

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  10. RIverdale

    May 18. 2010

    A few you left out are Joe Budden from Jersey City, Naughty By Nature from East Orange, Missy Elliot who lives in Kinnellon, and RZA who lives in Manalapan or Colts Neck (I forget). Almost all of Wu Tang live in NJ now but idk where they all are. The Outlawz who used to roll with 2pac were also from NJ. Maybe make a top 15 list? lol

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