Blue Collar Boys: NJ’s Hottest New Indie Film

Last year Kevin Interdonato made a movie called “Blue Collar Boys”, they shot it all over Jersey.
The story was written five years ago while he was in Iraq with the National Guard . Now, five years later, Kev and his team are almost done editing, and getting ready to premier the film at the end of the year, most likely in Asbury Park. Although they are still in the editing phase, the buzz about Blue Collar Boys is spreading throughout NJ, NYC, and Los Angeles. BCB looks to be promising NJ Independent film, as Kevin puts it, “America needs a movie like this right now.” check out the synopsis and the teaser below…


Blue Collar Boys is a coming of age story culminating with the origin of a gang. A family of friends who live the struggles of a blue collar life, fall into a lifestyle fueled by hardship and hate. In a world that won’t let the working man strive, they wanted a better way…a way that leads them to question their morals, faith, and ultimately, their loyalties to each other.

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