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The holiday’s have come and gone. You’re crazy in-laws have finally left your house, that blouse Auntie Jan shipped you has been returned, and life is returning back to normal. You’ve picked the perfect presents for your family, donated to those suffering during this holiday season, and faked the faultless smile at your company’s annual holiday party. But now it’s YOU time, leading us to the greatest post-holiday question of all… Where should I spend my Christmas bonus?!

Coco an Experience, located at 206 Bellevue Ave in Montclair New Jersey, is a small but stylish boutique that caters to its free spirited customers by maintaining the perfect mix of contemporary, yet bohemian, clothing. While the shop is petite in size, they carry tops, jeans, pants, skirts, jewelry, shoes, handbags, as well as other miscellaneous, one of a kind, items. Not sure how to incorporate this care-free style into your stiff wardrobe? Admit that you need some help, rather than rocking a beaded tunic with your pencil skirt and stilettos, and ask one of the employees. Their personable personalities and flawless fashion sense will help make this transition easier.

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As a trendy boutique located in Montclair, I am guilty of assuming that the store’s prices will match the upscale and hip look inside the shop. Although I’m not the best at admitting it, and probably never will again, I was wrong. Whether your bonus was $50 or a couple of thousand, Coco’s caters to all women and all budgets. Their jewelry tends to be the most expensive, but their unusual statement pieces are worth the price. Two hundred dollar earrings aren’t your thing? I picked up a pair of tan suede boots for $20, and can’t help but laugh inside when people assume that they cost way more.

‘A new year, a new you’ always seems to come up once the holidays have passed. This year’s resolution? To relax and be more laid-back. How to make sure that it lasts past February? Incorporate some of Coco’s care-free clothing into your wardrobe. Once you stop by the boutique, you’ll be coo-coo for Coco’s too.

By Sara Tencza

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