Musical Artist Chris Neptune Sends Universal Message

Chris Neptune

Musical artist and self-producer Chris Neptune hopes to send out influential messages and help others have a more positive outlook on life through his music.

Neptune grew up with a musically inclined family, his father a professional musician and his mother a piano player. Neptune recalls being musically inspired at an early age as his mother would often blast The Alan Parsons Project during car rides to Toys ‘R Us. He credits his parents with exposing him to music at an early age. As an alum of both West Orange High School and Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Neptune contributed his talents during school to composing jazz and classical compositions for ensembles. But that was his experimental path to get where he is today, for now he is an influential solo artist that hopes to reach a larger audience.

Neptune learned the guitar from his father, the piano from his mother, and also plays the drums and trumpet on occasion. He describes his style as Alternative with a blend of Pop, Rock, New Age, and Space Rock. For those of you who don’t know about Space Rock, it consists of an ambient atmospheric mood with mystical sounds mixed in. Space Rock is equipped with synthesizers, which are based off the drumbeats of Rock and Roll and are designed to take you to another realm.

Through his music Neptune hopes to spread optimism in an otherwise cynical pessimistic world. “Being optimistic should be considered a strength. It does not mean you are unaware. It is about having a positive outlook. Embrace your free will. The media focuses on stereotypes but that is not our only option. We should test the boundaries.  We should be able to please others without sacrificing our self image in the process.”

Neptune hopes to accomplish this through his unique style, which is inspired by musical greats such as Journey, Starship, Angels and Airwaves, Anberlin, and mainly, Toto.

“They are very musically inclined,” Neptune fondly says of Toto his favorite band, “They are in tune and have a wide variety of different styles.” Neptune had the pleasure of meeting the band in Las Vegas during their 2012 summer tour through VIP passes. “We met before the show, shook hands, had a conversation, and I got an autograph and picture with them. They have great personalities. Behind the scenes they are incredible.”

Chris Neptune is actually the artist’s stage name and is symbolic of his Space Rock style. “‘Neptune’ is an appropriate image for the sound of the music. I also like the color of the planet. I’m a Pisces, which is the zodiac sign ruled by Neptune, so I chose it for the astrological sense as well.”

Neptune is in the process of his first 2012-2013 tour, Chance for a New Beginning. His first performance of his tour took place November 29 at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ, though right now no other locations are official because his tour is still in the booking process. The plan is to tour mainly New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

In addition to music Neptune plans on writing a book about solutions to social and ethical issues as one of his long-term goals. He is currently working as a public elementary school music teacher. “My fellow teacher colleague got my backing band together. If it weren’t for me teaching I wouldn’t have found my band.”

Sitting in Panera Bread having lunch with the upcoming star made me realize just how much passion and knowledge Neptune has about his craft and mission, enough to rise above the difficulty of being a struggling artist.

“It is a constant struggle, but that is part of the adventure. It tests one’s character, and his or her ability to remain patient and optimistic. You’re juggling your job and career pursuits and it’s a struggle of time and energy. You only have so much time in the day to devote to responsibilities but you make the best of it and don’t complain. It takes a lot of ability to remain positive and not make excuses when things get challenging. Devote time to self-reflect and don’t lose touch with yourself.”

The release date of Neptune’s debut album, Chance for a New Beginning, is yet to be announced, but for now you can enjoy his promo CD, which you can find at

“Two of the songs from my Promo CD, ‘You’ll Be Surprised’ and ‘For the Common Man’, can be purchased on my Reverbnation page. A percentage of the sales of those songs are donated to the organization, World Vision. The song ‘Freedom’ can be downloaded for free.”

To learn more about Chris Neptune, check out his Facebook page: He also has a Twitter, Myspace, and YouTube channel, all of which can be found on his Facebook page.

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