Where to Eat Vegan in NJ

Vegan in NJ

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Check out below for our top Vegan Restaurants in NJ. If you have any suggestions for additions let us know!

Veggie Heaven Upper Montclair

631 Valley Rd
Upper Montclair, 07043 NJ
(973) 783-1088

Veggie Heaven Denville

57 Bloomfield Ave
Denville, 07834 NJ
(973) 586-7800

Veggie Heaven Teaneck

473 Cedar Ln
Teaneck, 07666 NJ
(201) 836-0887

Breezy Organic Snackery

Bernardsville Centre80 Morristown Rd
Bernardsville, 07924 NJ
(908) 696-8878

Basin Bar

805 Fourth Ave
Asbury Park, 07712 NJ
(732) 481-4110

from seed to sprout

410 Main St
Avon-by-the-Sea, 07717 NJ
(732) 774-7333

Loving Hut

538 Rt 10 W
Ledgewood, 07852 NJ
(862) 251-4611

Loving Hut Matawan

952 Rt 34Store 6
Matawan, 07747 NJ
(732) 970-6129

Good Karma Cafe

17 E Front St
Red Bank, 07701 NJ
(732) 450-8344

Living on the Veg

2613 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach Township, 08008 NJ
(609) 492-4066
Facebook Page

Roots Cafe

408G Paulding Ave
Northvale, 07647 NJ
(201) 956-5213

Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare

501 N High St
Millville, 08332 NJ
(856) 265-7955

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