Best Adult Magicians in New Jersey

Lets face it, magic is awesome. If you are looking to hire great performers check out this hand selected list below of incredible New Jersey Magicians.

Samuel Gherman

Samuel Gherman New Jersey Magician

The headlining Corporate and Private Party  magician of, Samuel Gherman, has a performance style that has been deemed “an elegant and intimate form of entertainment” as he does not do magic on a stage, but instead performs miracles in his onlooker’s hands, right in front of their eyes. Without any smoke and mirrors, wine bottles appear out of thin air, minds are read, and silverware seems to twist and melt simply from his gaze. His personality blends mind mind-blowing illusions with wit and humor to give performances that your guests will never forget.

Samuel provides a situational form of magic called Walk-Around Magic, where he conducts several intimate performances for small groups of guests around your event. This type of entertainment offers your guests the ability to take part in miniature miracles up close.

Samuel can conceptualize a specific set of performances towards almost any audience of a mature nature, whether it is motivational, educational, ice breaking, or of course just fun!


Check out some of his videos here: The Magic of Samuel Gherman

Seth Dale

Seth Dale New Jersey Magician

Since his start in magic at age 8, Seth Dale has taken the performing world by storm.  After his first official performance at age 13 he was has never looked back and knew that being a performer was going to be the life for him.

Combining magic, mentalism, comedy and lots of audience interaction Seth’s show is sure to delight all audiences. His energy, charm and love of performing combine together to create a show that is nothing short of refreshing and thoroughly entertaining.
Seth has been honored to be the choice performer at such venues as 5 star NYC Hotels, Corporate Chartered Yacht’s, Colleges, Comedy Clubs and everything in between.
You can check him out at


David  Corsaro

David Corsaro

David Corsaro has been a professional magician for over 20 years. David has performed his amazing feats of magic for fortune 500 companies including Wrigley’s, Panasonic, Nestle, and Viacom as well as top music acts such as “Chicago,” “Earth Wind and Fire,” and “The Milwaukees.” David also donates his talent for a variety of charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and Lions International.  
     David has earned a reputation among other magicians as having unique material that reaches a variety of audiences. Whether it’s a corporate cocktail party, an elegant black-tie event, or friends hanging out at a bar, David’s intricate personal style creates a performance that can entertain adults and children alike. David’s personal brand of magic can be described as an enthusiastic blend of magic and comedy that will have you laughing while riveted to his every move.

        David currently performs in 2 different off-Broadway magic shows in New York City (“Monday Night Magic” and “Magical Nights”) as well as several restaurants and clubs in the New York / New Jersey area.  
You can check him out at

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  1. mike martin

    Jun 06. 2017

    looking for a walk around magician for a private party in brick nj

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  2. Susan Vincent

    Sep 21. 2016

    I have always been fascinated by magic. The fact that I am now an adult has not dulled my interest. If anything, I think it’s grown!

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  3. Mike

    Feb 11. 2015

    Wanted idea on price for adult show like 30-40 minutes at a fire department function on February 28

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