NJ Malls

South Jersey Malls: A Survival Guide

We established in the previous column that malls are Man’s inhumanity to man.  But they are a necessary inhumanity this time of year, so… more »


Malls and the Problem with Humanity

New Jersey has a ton of malls.  And even though as a state we are ranked as 39th in the ratio of shopping… more »


Why You Can’t Find the Jersey Devil

Like every kid raised in South Jersey, you saw the film strip or poorly shot documentary about New Jersey’s state demon, the Jersey… more »


Panzarottis: Perfect Food or Most Perfect Food?

It turns out Camden is known for more than just Walt Whitman’s tomb and ranking in the top most violent cities in America. … more »


Taylor Ham and New Jersey: A Love Story

It remains a sad fact that this wonderful product, these round slices of processed joy and pig parts, remains unknown to the masses. But that is all the more reason to cherish our home-grown hero of the skillet, for we should never take Taylor Ham for granted.


Ode to the Jersey Diner

It started last night with a bottle of scotch Quite a few beers, and Jäger shots One or two Tequilas, con mi amigos… more »


Pumping Gas is for Chumps

By Dan Ferrara First off, let me start off by saying this: 99% of New Jersey Citizens know how to pump their own… more »


The Garden State Parkway: The Long Road Home

We have all heard the saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” Well, maybe we all haven’t heard that. Because really, who uses sayings… more »

Escaped Baboon Caught in Howell

  After three days of freedom, the fugitive baboon from Six-Flags was caught on a Howell horse farm Check these out too…No Related… more »

Is There a Central Jersey?

Is there a Central Jersey? This video from Montclair State University seems to have an answer… What do you think? Check these out… more »

“Replay” Jersey Shore Parody

Check these out too…The Snooki Song – Parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha If Jersey Shore had this Cast the Whole Time…South Jersey… more »

The Snooki Song – Parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha

New Jersey Shore parody, its pretty funny…almost as good as Jersey Shore Kids Check these out too…“Replay” Jersey Shore ParodyIlan Makes Noise! –… more »

I’m Not Bitter

I’m not bitter. Like many of us here in New Jersey, I am a die-hard Jets fan. I made the 667 mile trip… more »

Jug Handles and You: A Practical Guide

There is a reason that Jersey drivers are the best in the country. Our traffic system forces us to be. Driving in Jersey… more »

If Jersey Shore had this Cast the Whole Time…

Check these out too…“Replay” Jersey Shore ParodyThe Snooki Song – Parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha New Jersey Governor Political Attack AdCoco Makes… more »

ANJ Person of the day Trevor Moore

Born April 4, 1980 and from Montclair, NJ. Movies: Miss March TV: The Whitest Kids You Know (On IFC), The Trevor Moore Show,… more »

Why New Jersey is More Awesome Than You at Football

Let’s be honest if you think football you don’t think New Jersey. We aren’t like the midwest where college football is more important… more »

Solo Cup Commercial

Check these guys out, they’re a comedy troop from TCNJ called Brainstorm’d Comedy. Check these out too…If Jersey Shore had this Cast the… more »

Colonial New Jersey

I found this video on collegehumor.com, its pretty funny about colonial New Jersey. Check these out too…No Related Posts

Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse and Runs Through Paterson!

Last Monday a 1,400 pound Bull escaped from a slaughterhouse and ran through the streets of Paterson. Police and slaughterhouse workers chased behind… more »